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Mobirise 2.9 Website Building Software (Read 811 times)
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Mobirise 2.9 Website Building Software
1st Apr, 2016 at 5:44pm
I've started tinkering with this lately, seeing as Google has started getting a bit narky about making webpages mobile friendly (and still whinge about it even when they work fine on my iPhone + iPad when I built it the usual old way).

Well this software seems alright, the basic core of the program is free, though you have to cough-up $69 (£48.51) to unlock the bit that allows you to tinker with raw code in it.

The way it works kinda reminds of the HotDog Express software I got off a Magazine cover disc back in 1999/2000 after I got my first PC and first started tinkering with websites..... just drag & drop elements in decending order where you want them, and you have a decent website you could make almost blindfolded. Only this Mobirise is a bit more grown-up.
Here's some of the stuff I've knocked together with it so far:
JDUCK1979 (Mobile Edition)
AlltheInterweb (Mobile Edition)
ConservativeChitChat (Mobile Edition)
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